A Weighty Word

We are called to be faithful to the word of Christ, despite the worldly consequences it brings our way.

Psalm 119:105-112
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23


The word of God is not something to be taken lightly. Rather it is the very thing that God uses to save people bound for hell. And each and everyone of us are bound for that place without Christ and his word.

As a result we should be bold in proclaiming Christ and his truth as it is found in his word. We ought to be totally concerned for the will of God, rather than the feelings of others. Yet we must wisely discern who is ready and willing to receive God’s word.

We won’t always get this right as we seek to share God’s word with others. However we can be certain that he will certainly bring good despite our own failings.

Taking the word into the world with boldness is particularly relevant in our post-Christian society. For today we are considered to be doing the “right thing” simply by avoiding the offense of others.

The idols of happiness and self-actualised identity have become so prevelant that the phrase “you do you” speaks to the common attitude among the world and its peoples. Yet as Christians we are a people who have been called out of slavery to selfishness and sin, freed to be people who are selfless and set apart for God.

We cannot go on seeking our own happiness and self-actualised identity, for Christians are those who have been united to Christ. He is the one in whom we are supposed to find our joy and ultimate identity.

As a result it is appalling that the church around the world has become beholden to the values of the community — that is to say THE WORLD. However this is to be expected, for Jesus did say that some who hear the word are like thorns and thistles.